Draxxon’s DX Series command stations provide a Mobile Base of Operations that allows the operator to focus on the mission with a greater amount of situational awareness, fewer distractions and increased redundancy.

Law Enforcement & Emergency Operations

The DX is a comprehensive platform that Law Enforcement and Emergency Service Providers are using to bring UAV technology to its full potential in a way not yet realized. It creates a level of mobility, shared information capability, and a measured and accurate response to the situation at hand.

  • Increased situational awareness.
  • Mobility to launch and quickly move to any threat area without the need of moving large command centers.
  • Accurate information and imagery to mitigate the situation.
  • Provides security, support, and preparedness for equipment and personnel.
  • Easy plug & play features with multiple configurations.
  • Fully customizable and easy to interchange with existing command equipment.


The DX Series is designed as a comprehensive training platform for use in any size UAV Pilot & equipment training program.

  • Better convey all aspects of flight training from ground school to hands on operation.
  • Keep students more engaged and involved.
  • Students gain confidence being able to visualize each other’s flying progress.
  • More easily manage, transport and secure the aircraft and support equipment.
  • Providing groups such as First Responders, EMA officials, and larger organizations a more comprehensive platform to learn from.

Services & Technology

The DX will give both existing and potential clients the most comprehensive insight to the capabilities and technology your company can provide to them.

  • Better convey your services, products & capabilities to customers & clients.
  • Be able to review the mission from the inside work area.
  • Creates the ability to show progress in REAL-TIME.
  • Adaptable & easy to upgrade for additional equipment.
  • More easily manage, transport and secure the aircraft and support equipment.

Surveillance and security

From specific surveillance to counter UAS operations, the DX can be employed as a base of operations for multiple types of missions.

  • Event security.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Counter UAS equipment deployment.
  • Real time situation monitoring.
  • Used with ground rover robot systems.

We have pre-configured models as well as fully customized plans with an assortment of options to meet the needs of various types of operators.