Advanced Virology Test Platform

COVID-19 and similar outbreaks/events require instantaneous response to problematic site(s). It is imperative that relative data & information is collected quickly and safely. It is also essential that a consistent flow of information is possible, in real-time, to the necessary individuals or agencies involved. The AVTP system brings to bear unparalleled means of seamless integration of technology, human resources, data collection and risk mitigation.


  • Self-contained unit effectively operates from any community, hospital, nursing home, urban or rural setting
  • Total Solution Driven Design
  • Compatible with existing test equipment and traditional technology
  • Standardized procedures & protocol
  • Deploys in minutes using minimal personnel
  • Deployable in any weather, terrain, or climate
  • Elevated level of situational awareness
  • Remote Viewing Capability
  • Expanded social distancing provisions
  • Multiple software solutions available
  • Onboard PPE provisions

The AVTP system fulfills mission critical demands for:

  • Sample collection
  • On-site testing
  • Contact tracing
  • Surveillance & security overwatch
  • Social distancing


  • The DX-ONECOM system allows relevant information to be shared in real-time through an encrypted network to appropriate agencies and decision makers.
  • The DX-ONECOM system enables the operator to access, manage and share multiple sources of information and imagery through the same secure network.
  • Data can be collected and shared using video, optical, thermal, radar tracking systems and software
  • Appropriate agencies can remotely access data and imagery in real time through the DXONECOM system.
  • On board 4G/5G LTE dedicated broadband internet access & optional satellite link
  • The DX-Outdoor Work Station provides medical personnel interacting with the public outside the same access to information and relevant data provided to personnel at the 3 inside stations.
  • The DX-INTERCHANGE System provides seamless video and audio communication between outside and inside personnel. Social distancing requirements are easily achieved and maintained.
  • The DRAXXON AVTP can launch and operate UAS systems from either inside of outside of the vehicle.
  • The DX – Counter-UAS defense system is seamlessly integrated to protect the surrounding airspace.

The AVTP is a MULTI PURPOSE platform that deploys to the middle of any outbreak or event. Data analysis can be performed on or off site and effective solutions can be designed and directed as events are occurring. Agencies can send appropriate health & medical officials to any place necessary to investigate, communicate and mitigate the problem in the most efficient, safe & secure environment possible. In the case of viral outbreaks/pandemic, the testing goes to the people resulting in better sample size, better data, and better decisions from that data.

  • Superior risk mitigation
  • Increased number of samples collected.
  • Increased number of test results shared
  • Exponentially more efficient contract tracing capability
  • Expedited diagnosis
  • Higher standard of social distancing
  • Decreased person to person contact


  • Nursing home and elderly care centers
  • Financially disadvantage communities
  • Large crowd gathering events
  • Drive through testing centers
  • Hospitals & clinics
  • Schools
  • Theme parks
  • Sports stadiums
  • Concert Venues
  • Retail locations
  • Prisons
  • Field Hospitals
  • Private business