DX-714 PRO


Now any level of Drone Operator now has the ability to be in complete command of their mission and to utilize the full potential of what their Drone & UAS equipment can do!


We have found that up to 50% of the battery life of each flight can be wasted because of the inability of the pilot to properly see the images, and trying to share mission information with others, all the while trying to safely fly the aircraft.


The DX-50 gives the pilot and observers increased situational awareness which allows for on the spot decision making that is impossible to do from just an I-PAD or other 8” screen. Just one person trying to do the job of a Pilot, & Observer while being asked questions, given instructions on where to go and what to do is impossible to do efficiently or safely on an 8” screen.


The DX-50 can be built for any make and model of SUV, VAN, TRUCK, or other off road vehicles.

  • Sturdy, professional design.
  • Easily moved in & out or from one vehicle to another.
  • Operated by a single 12 volt connection.
  • SINGLE & DUAL Monitor Configurations.
  • Multiple source inputs as well as multiple charging ports.
  • Can incorporate Communication equipment for Police, Fire, EMA & AIR NAV.
  • Easy access for upgrading or adding equipment.
  • Lockable for secure storage of equipment.
  • Designed for day or night use.